Tax your Gold and make MONEY!


Jewelry is a collectible, just like coins or stamps, and is subject to a capital gains tax of 15 percent stated by the irs if it was owned more than a year. Sell your gold and be able to tax it and make money!




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Department Of Education


All public schools are now receiving a letter grade as  whole. Their are pros  and cons to this new rule and some people see the good in it and some feel like that its not a good idea.

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How to calm your nerves before a speech…

1. A strong suggestion is to have thorough knowledge of the subject matter you will be speaking on. Be well-informed from personal experiences if possible and study well no matter what the topic is. Knowing your subject gives you confidence and plenty to say.

2. Expect to experience the butterflies in your stomach feeling each time you speak before an audience, but don’t let that stop you from the task. Even the most successful speakers feel this, even after years of public speaking. It something that is only normal and be prepared to start feeling your nerves kick in.

3. Just before standing in front of the audience, take a couple of deep breaths, begin with something funny, just a quick joke, to get a laugh. This will help relieve you greatly, and help guide you through the end. Also, don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself. If you had a slip of the tongue, no worries, It happens to everyone. It’s good be able to laugh at it and then continue on confidently.

4. It’s proper to look people in the eye when speaking. If you don’t feel comfortable doing that, then try looking above their heads. They may not even notice but make sure to pan across the room frequently.

  • Strong knowledge of your topic
  • Expect to feel the nerves in your stomach
  • Funny relatable joke
  • Make eye contact

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Learning how to become a GREAT public speaker

JUST SAY IT!! Giving you the 411 on public speaking.

First and foremost, we all understand how hard it can be at times to sit there in front of an audience and try to present the best speech possible. However I will provide you with some helpful tips to get you on your way in becoming not only a good but a great public speaker! 🙂 You want to be able to establish what it is that you are looking for when you present. Here are some points I will talk about and further address:

1. Know your topic– Make sure to do your research that way you are educated on your topic and can talk about it for a long period of time. You also will gain credibility if you have some background experience in the subject you are presenting. You want to gain the audience’s attention by showing you’ve done your research and are giving them valuable information.

2. Strong from the beginning to end– When you begin your speech try starting out with a story or a joke. Don’t  just rush into the subject without there being any type of welcome opening or a way to make everyone feels at ease. Now this doesn’t mean you need a joke or a story every time your ready to give a speech but try to remember that you want your audience to be engaged in what you are saying and not fall asleep at the end of it.

Also, when you are closing out your speech make sure to have a solid close-out. The number one thing I see wrong is that people never have an amazing close-out yet a boring…thank you for listening, have a nice day. By having a strong close-out will have the audience remember what you’ve been talking about the whole time you were up there. To just reiterate what your speech was a about isn’t good enough. An audience is usually awake at the beginning and hopefully the end of your speech, so you want to make sure that you start and end strong. Don’t forget about the body of the speech. Have good detail throughout your presentation.


3. Tone of voice– This is really important! Your tone will instantly determine whether or not people are going to listen to you. Whatever you do try not to sound monotone and create some enthusiasm in your voice and make you voice sound like you really like and care about what you’re saying. Remember, if you don’t show that you care then why should they?

4. Confidence is key– Make sure to go into the speech being confident about your presentation. Nothing’s worse than listening to someone who is mumbling, hunched and letting the audience have control over their speech.

5. Visual aids– people are visual they like to see what you mean not only hear you talk about it. Make sure you don’t revolve the story on your visual aid, yet this is a good way to keep the audience engaged and visually show them what you mean.

Here are some links for you to browse and further help you understand the different strategic ways to get through your speech…,

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Getting your audiences engaged is better than having their attention

When you’re giving a speech, get your audiences attention by “engaging” them instead of trying to grab their attention.

1) Engagement vs. attention– Engagement can be more valuable then attention. When you engage your audience they are more likely to interact and pay attention to what you’re saying.

Grabbing their attention isn’t good enough. People have short attention span, and if you aren’t engaging them in one way or another then they will stop listening to you.

2) Less attention grabber, more involvement– Be creative with the way you get your audiences attention but don’t stress over it. For example, I once heard a speaker start off with a knock-knock joke.

It grabbed everyones attention  because it was funny but it had no relevance to the speech. You can create an engagement by passing out a paper to everyone that shows facts to your topic, what you will be discussing, or different links and ways they can get involved. A simple joke won’t get your message across.

3) Will this benefit the audience– If you are talking about something that will benefit your audience mention that in the beginnning of your speech.

For example, if you are presenting on how you can save money you might want to say, “this presentation will help you understand how to file free taxes this year and save you a fortune.”

By saying that, you have pulled them into your speech and not only will you have their attention but more importantly they are now engaged. Understanding how to get the message across is key to your presentation.

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